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Ticket Summary Type Priority Owner Status Created
#1143 Recursive behavior in ompi_mpi_abort() defect critical new 08/29/07
#2399 Parent job should get a callback when comm_spawned job completes defect critical new 05/03/10
#2714 ompi 1.4.3 hangs in IMB Gather when np >= 64 & msgsize > 4k defect critical bbenton assigned 02/08/11
#3205 UD OOB causing segv's defect critical hjelmn new 08/02/12
#3214 MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE support broken defect critical hjelmn assigned 08/09/12
#3352 JAVA scatter provides wrong answer defect critical jsquyres new 10/17/12
#184 MPI attribute code need threading audit defect major new 07/05/06
#798 Allow F90 MPI_BUFFER_DETACH to return correct pointer defect major jsquyres new 01/19/07
#1113 installdir functionality does not work with TV message queue plugin defect major bosilca new 08/01/07
#1161 Rename openib BTL to ofrc defect major afriedle new 10/07/07
#1172 Routed RML message ordering problem defect major new 10/22/07
#1185 Allow flexible stdin routing to COMM_SPAWN'ed jobs defect major new 11/07/07
#1240 openib btl: APM and async events support defect major pasha new 03/11/08
#1352 loopback verbs connections: per adapter setting defect major new 06/20/08
#1368 Add several datatypes to Fortran and C++ bindings defect major jsquyres new 07/01/08
#1377 Have ompi_proc_t destructor call pml.del_procs defect major new 07/08/08
#1476 Implement remote send cancel in OB1 defect major bosilca new 09/02/08
#1505 TCP BTL wireup fails when the networking is "strange", as seen on BigRed. defect major new 09/17/08
#1603 Reductions on REAL*16's are not working defect major bosilca assigned 10/28/08
#1716 Spawn with srq failes with segv defect major new 12/15/08
#1769 Checkpoint/restart hangs with MPI_ANY_SOURCE and MPI_ANY_TAG defect major jjhursey new 01/22/09
#1805 Cleanup all pending libevent events defect major new 02/20/09
#1983 TCP BTL timeouts defect major new 08/04/09
#2049 MPI_Comm_spawn(_multiple) cannot handle spawning non-mpi jobs with comm_size >1 defect major new 10/07/09
#2062 Continue cleanup of build system defect major jsquyres new 10/20/09
#2368 Error with using MPI_COMM_NULL on windows. defect major shiqing assigned 04/02/10
#2585 MPI_Scan with MPI_SUM on unsigned char overflows incorrectly defect major new 09/10/10
#2741 OOB Send locks if no ORTE thread (C/R related) defect major jjhursey new 03/01/11
#2743 C/R Performance Bug with non-blocking communication defect major jjhursey new 03/03/11
#2809 Win lock/unlock hang defect major brbarret new 06/13/11
#3417 BLCR and Infiniband bug defect major new 11/30/12
#3567 Portals 4 get race defect major brbarret new 04/15/13
#4195 cygwin 64bit: Testing atomic_spinlock_noinline.exe segfault defect major new 01/28/14
#4815 Some dynamic tests fail when coll ml is enabled defect major manjugv assigned 07/29/14
#1296 Document openib btl per-device MCA params documentation major bbenton assigned 05/20/08
#1900 Update "amount of registered memory" FAQ item documentation major new 04/28/09
#200 LN, LN_S and RM enhancement major new 07/11/06
#1050 Allow alternate IOF wireup strategies via orterun enhancement major new 06/08/07
#1159 Implement MPIX_GREQUEST_START enhancement major new 10/07/07
#1269 Orted prolog and epilog hooks enhancement major rhc assigned 04/11/08
#1284 Allow different btl_openib_receive_queues values enhancement major new 05/13/08
#1395 Debugging output directory of useful environment information enhancement major new 07/17/08
#1524 Aggregate stack trace messages enhancement major new 09/23/08
#2019 Implement "better" XML handling for mpirun enhancement major bbenton new 09/11/09
#2027 Communicator construction/destruction slow with coll sm enhancement major new 09/22/09
#3083 Use new Autoconf 2.69 Fortran m4 macros enhancement major jsquyres new 04/25/12
#3121 Make builds with VT default to using stlport4 when compile with Oracle Studio compilers enhancement major new 06/06/12
#393 OMPI build broken on OpenBSD defect minor reopened 09/21/06
#731 Cannot launch from head node on Big Red due to oob issues defect minor new 01/08/07
#917 PGI compiler f90 issues with -g defect minor new 02/20/07
#1010 A bunch of VxWorks issues defect minor new 05/01/07
#1188 Fix corner case of DDT launching defect minor jsquyres new 11/27/07
#1273 Solaris does not work correctly with event port polling defect minor new 04/17/08
#1287 rework mca_btl_tcp_proc_accept code defect minor adi assigned 05/14/08
#1544 IBM gen 1 eHCA does not work with RDMA CM openib CPC defect minor bbenton new 10/02/08
#1711 unaligned access on IA64 defect minor new 12/11/08
#1366 Add FAQ entry about firewalls documentation minor new 06/28/08
#1817 Create FAQ entry for --preload-binary and --preload-files mpirun options documentation minor jjhursey new 03/02/09
#76 Global / local MCA parameters enhancement minor jsquyres assigned 06/06/06
#192 Add PGI debugger invocation to orte_base_user_debugger MCA param default value enhancement minor jsquyres new 07/06/06
#576 Make F90 MPI_IN_PLACE, MPI_ARGVS_NULL, and MPI_STATUSES_IGNORE be uniqe types enhancement minor new 11/02/06
#585 Make new MCA fw open call to open mandatory components enhancement minor new 11/03/06
#989 Not checking OF device attributes when making QP's, etc. enhancement minor gshipman new 04/13/07
#1012 Add support for ibv_req_notify_cq() enhancement minor new 05/01/07
#1291 mca_base_open() "none" and "all" options enhancement minor new 05/16/08
#1322 IPv6 support in rdmacm cpc of openib enhancement minor jdmason new 06/02/08
#1371 Improve ompi_info's component detection system enhancement minor new 07/02/08
#1393 orte-ps enhancements and documentation enhancement minor jjhursey new 07/16/08
#2191 Improve multi-job checkpoint capability enhancement minor jjhursey accepted 01/25/10
#2330 BLCR CRS component should use restart API when available enhancement minor jjhursey new 03/03/10
#4767 statfs() on RHEL 6.5 lies about enfs (reports it as NFS) enhancement minor new 07/08/14
#1396 MPI_COMM_ACCEPT thread safety task minor bouteill new 07/17/08

Open MPI 1.6.6 (24 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Priority Owner Status Created
#2981 Fujitsu: MPI_GATHER (linear_sync) can be truncated with derived datatypes defect critical bosilca assigned 01/26/12
#2989 Possible intercomm_create race condition defect critical edgar new 01/30/12
#3089 Cannot bind to individual PU's (hyperthreads) on Power7 platforms defect critical bbenton assigned 05/08/12
#3182 Make XRC/XOOB be the default connection scheme (if available) defect critical jladd assigned 07/24/12
#3816 ompi_coll_tuned_alltoall_intra_bruck does not work with some datatype changeset move request major bosilca accepted 10/02/13
#3936 ompi_coll_tuned_{alltoall,alltoallv,bcast}_intra_basic_linear crash with (very) large communicators changeset move request major new 11/25/13
#628 MPI_Pack_external_size is returning the wrong values in 64-bit applications defect major bosilca new 11/22/06
#1986 shared/static problem defect major jsquyres reopened 08/05/09
#2095 topo communicator error segv defect major edgar new 11/05/09
#2168 MPI-2 dynamic openib/rdmacm work request queue flush error defect major new 01/14/10
#2224 loop_spawn IBM test hanging defect major jladd assigned 02/03/10
#2247 Valgrind null pointer dereference in MPI_Allgatherv with count=0 defect major bosilca reopened 02/09/10
#2538 PGI compiler issues defect major new 08/20/10
#2900 MPI RMA sample program gets wrong result defect major brbarret new 11/01/11
#3029 Fix usage of AC_CACHE_CHECK([number of arguments to ibv_create_cq]) defect major jladd assigned 02/21/12
#3103 mpicc link shouldn't add -ldl and -lhwloc defect major jsquyres accepted 05/21/12
#3157 "ifort -i8" issues with MPI attributes defect major jsquyres new 07/03/12
#3163 Another "ifort -i8" problem defect major jsquyres new 07/05/12
#3323 segv while running "Allgather with MPI_IN_PLACE" test in mpi_test_suite. defect major bosilca assigned 09/20/12
#3342 FCA - problem with MPI_Allgather(v) when sendbuf is MPI_IN_PLACE defect major jladd assigned 10/04/12
#4342 Make ROMIO work with PVFS2 in the 1.6 series defect major new 03/05/14
#2093 generalized request query function return values ignored defect minor jsquyres assigned 11/05/09
#2203 #procs limit hardcoded in Intel tests and not checked. defect minor new 01/28/10
#2485 ompi_comm_set segfaults when connect/accept called > 64 times defect minor edgar new 07/14/10

Open MPI 1.8.4 (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Priority Owner Status Created
#4919 Fix the application abort routine so we actually abort changeset move request blocker jladd assigned 09/23/14
#2295 Another hang when running out of registered memory defect critical jladd assigned 02/22/10
#2419 Deadlock in rcache code defect critical bosilca assigned 05/25/10
#3021 Race in pml_ob1_send_request_* code defect critical new 02/20/12
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